‘Do the Undercut

It’s been a week, I guess, since I have not posted anything. And life continues to bore me, thus, I keep on gorging every food I see. This time though, to make life a bit exciting, I decided to have an undercut. My curly locks are getting heavier each day so it’s better to chop some of them off, discreetly. 😉

My colleague R and I went to Ayala and headed straight to basement 1 for Annie’s Salon. We were then shooed away and directed to go to the barber shop section of Annie’s as soon we showed them the photo below. We were told to look for Shaw as he’s been handling undercuts/shaves for girls. Unfortunately, he was not around.

hair shave

I was then introduced to Manong Barbero below. He let me choose between 1, 2, 3 and so on… I think that’s the length of your hair so I picked 1 (Natalie Dormer’s hair’s 0). As you can see he was  careful as I was his first. 😀


daring R
R’s end result

That’s 130Php per cut/shave/style. 😉

Update as of 27 Aug 2015

So I went back for a trim and finally caught up with Shaw. He was cautious and precise with his work. His numerous experiences with undercuts and sidecuts clearly makes him a legit barbero for girls. 😀

Price changed to 150Php this time though.


Update as of 23 Sep 2015

So R (aka Raf aka feelingwriter) decided to have a magic retouch and trusting the same establishment, she went back to Annie’s and looked for Shaw. This time, she requested to make it a bit higher but same zigzaggy finish look. It was successfully delivered but… (take a look at the day old cut below)

what is that extra hair?

All that for a WHOPPING 350Php!!! Yes, she was charged 350Php at the counter. Of course, she did not pay. She explained that same cut was done before and she paid 130Php and would understand if the new charge is 150Php. But to pay 350Php? Are they kidding? So ridiculous! I don’t know what’s going on but this sounds really shady.


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