Bizzare Phallic Shrine Bangkok Visit

As we progress on our Bangkok exploration

My bestfriend and I have been eyeing to visit the Phallic Shrine in Bangkok out of plain curiosity. Luckily, despite the heavy walking marathons under the scorching heat of the sun, the feat was successful and we were oddly contented. How did it go?

We stayed at a hostel in Ratchathewi which is just a 5-10 minute walk away from Victory Monument and BTS. So lucky us! We took the BTS train heading to Phloen Chit and from there, we walked and walked and walked. Obviously, I am not a fan of walking. Bangkok Upon seeing Witthayu Road, we turned right and continued the marathon until we reached Swissotel Nai Lert Park hotel. Bangkok We got inside the main entrance of the hotel and continued walking towards the car park until we got lost. Haha! We ended up asking the security guard who automatically knew what we were looking for. According to what I’ve researched online prior to this trip, women often visit The Shrine bringing white jasmine flowers and pink and white lotus buds as offerings to the female fertility spirit, Chao Mae Tuptim, in hopes of getting knocked up. 😉 So maybe the security guard was thinking….? Bangkok The Shrine is quite small and is hidden from these trees. It has a wooden spirit house in the center and a smaller one in the far left side. You can see some remainder of the offerings made by previous visitors. Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok The most striking element of the shrine are the wooden carvings shaped like phallus. They come in different sizes and colors and some of these phalluses or phalli are wrapped at the foot of this enormous tree. Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok After this sweaty trip, it would be best then to cool down in a mall, which is great since this shrine is just close to Platinum Mall. The shortest way to get there is to ride a boat taxi. So we walked out of the hotel and turned left at the main road. After a 10-minute walk, we reached Saphan Witthayu Pier which is on the left side so no need to cross. It can be found just under the bridge so make sure you keep an eye out of the pier. wpid-20150728_133154.jpg Bangkok Bangkok Aside from the Phallic Shrine visit, we got to experience riding the boat taxi together with the locals. Just make sure you take the boat taxi heading to the left, going to Pratunam Pier, or else you’ll end up u-turning like what happened to us. Good thing we were not charged with that one mistaken ride. 😉 We paid at around 20-25baht (good for two) for the ride. And also, make sure you hop onto the boat as fast as you can. Well, the locals were doing that so maybe we as visitors should do the same and not delay their travel time? 😉 That’s when your flats and rubber shoes come in handy, and not your wedges and heels. 😀 Bangkok As soon as we reached Pratunam Pier, we climbed up the stairs and voila! Huge Platinum Fashion Mall staring right at us. Bangkok


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