Things to do in Koronadal

I spent my childhood years in Koronadal and have moved to Cebu a decade ago. It quite astonishes me to see how it has progressed from a small town to a city. It may still has a rustic visage but Koronadal was offifially christened a city wayback in 2010.

I’ve merged my list of “things to do” back then with the current look of the city. So here are my 7 things to do when in Koronadal.

1. Koronadaleños are early risers. They get up in time with the chickens’ crow. Do the same and have a jog at SMRAA (South Cotabato Sports Complex) oval. It’s always a pleasant feeling to kickstart your day with a healthy sweat.🏃wpid-picsart_1440725726212.jpg

2. After the rejuvenating run, you can make a quick stop at Royal Bakery, which is a walking distance from the Sports Complex, for some “pamainit“. Have a hot coffee and some srambled eggs and corned beef sandwiched by two hot buns. ☕🍞


Don’t be surprised if you’ll find a squad of gray-haired joggers chuckling in one corner. Royal Bakery is the official morning “hangout” of Jolly Joggers. Yes, that’s what they call themselves. They are a bunch of seniors who are passionate about healthy living and “mature” camaraderie. 😉

Mingling with them
Mingling with them 🙂

3. Do not miss the fresh fruits and vegetables at Korondal’s Public Market. These natural produce are available at a low price (see below sample purchases), along with various fresh catch in their wet market. It is suggested to schedule your market exploration in the morning, just in time for these fresh bounty to be delivered. 🍍🍌🌽🍉🐟



Pineapple – 3 pcs/100php

Marang/Johey Oak – 1 pc/20php

Mangosteen – 1 kilo/65php

Durian – 1 pc/35php

4. If NY has yellow taxis, Koronadaleños are proud of their yellow trike ride. You don’t make a pass at this yellow three-wheeled vehicle which is their official mode of transportation. They’re noisy, crampy, and will not shield you from the sun’s heat, but the driver will take you anywhere in the city for only 10php.👍


5. It may be summer or not,  it still is an awesome experience to try Apareja’s buko halo-halo. It is situated outside the city, in Brgy. Saravia.


I have tried a number of halo-halo and there is nothing spectacular about this. Sorry. However, the takeaways are the genuine experience with the locals and the bottomless buko juice. 😀


6. Being in an inland city, beaches are an hour away. No worries, pools are swarming in the city. 🌞🏊You may visit Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park. This is their first and their one and only pool with artificial waves. Just don’t set your hopes up as it may not meet your “waves” expectations. The resort is still being developed. For your travel documentation though, the place is picturesque. (photo below not mine, thank you fellow blogger)

7. Feast upon barbecue at B-walk. B-walk or Barbecue Walk is a long stretch of barbecue stalls that can be found at the back of the old city hall (photo below not mine, thank you fellow blogger). It is similar to Larsian here in Cebu. This is just an awesome way to end your Koronadal trip barbecue-full with happy pockets. 😉

I know there are more exciting things to do in Koronadal. Would you like to share them with me? 🙂


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