WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

So I’ve heard, tea is the new coffee? I can’t be swayed as I am a firm believer of coffee love. But what the heck, I am overwhelmed with this new tea corner in Koronadal City – WatCHAmacoolit. Well thought of name right? Whadya say? 😀

I marvel at the sight of new establishments in Marbel (Koronadal’s nickname, just to play the rhyme game again 🙂 ), especially this new hangout find. It is situated in upper Balmores St and obviously, its vibrant color signage can’t be missed. (apologies for the blurry photo below)

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

Typically, tea shops have the same concept, flashy lively colors with gazillion colorful post-its inside. A big check for WatCHAmacoolit. The space can occupy more or less 30 heads as an extension is available for meetings and business catch-ups.

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

I’ve seen a number of colorful tea shops here in Cebu but what makes WatCHAmacoolit special is their food. They offer a number of interesting bites on their menu that’s just so tasty and divine without busting your purse. Their tea tasted like any other teas here, nothing special. I’d rather have super taro ice at Quickly. 😉

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

Winter Melon and Hokkaido, each for 75php.

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

Classic burger that brings wonderful childhood memories, 110php.

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

My hearts goes shalalalala (high-pitched) with this jalapeño bomb, 95php. It’s boiled potato wrapped in deep fried bacon that has some spicy kick.

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

Another love, cheesy bacon melt for 95php. It’s almost the same as jalapeño bomb, but this has cheesy coatings.

WatCHAmacoolit Koronadal

And my ultimate love is their french toast (130php) that looks like pancake? They say “do not judge a book by its cover” (so profound quote haha) because this tastes so heavenly. Sweetness is balanced as this has bacon bits sprinkled all over its mid part section. Does that sound weird? But seriously, it was out of this world yummy.

By the way, what’s up with bacon, WatCHAmacoolit? 🙂 Overall, you’re doing a great job! I hope Koronadal City continues to bring forth same businesses in the future. Kudos!


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