How to Get to Boracay

Boracay defines the ultimate white sand beach. It’s like the mother of all beaches. 😉 I will not go into details how super awesome the place is because that’s already a fact. Instead, let’s talk about how to get to that heavenly sandy island with Cebu as the origin.

1. You board your plane heading to Kalibo or Caticlan. If you take the Kalibo route, you need to ride a van or bus for a couple of hours to get to Caticlan. If you take the latter course, you simply hop onto the ferry for a 5 min ride to get to the island. In short, Caticlan is the most convenient and preferable alternative with apparently, the higher plane ticket price. 😉

travel Boracay.
Kalibo airport

2. From Kalibo, you pick your ride from the strip of booth you’ll find upon arrival – van 🚐, bus 🚌, taxi 🚕. We opted for Southwest Tours for 500Php only. The said amount covers your bus ride fare, environmental and terminal fees, your ferry charge, and your ride to your designated hotel. I visited Boracay early quarter of this year and went for a different van ride. It cost me the breakdown below:

  • van ride – 200Php
  • environmental and terminal fees at the Caticlan jetty port – 200php
  • ferry ride – ranges from 25-30php
  • trike charge heading to the hotel – 50php/each

Obviously, Southwest is a bit pricey but there’s convenience packaged to the 500 charge.

travel Boracay

travel Boracay.

travel Boracay.

travel Boracay
It’s always safer to ride a bus than a van.

3. Upon reaching Caticlan jetty port, you make your necessary payments at the cashier (not applicable to Southwest guests) and fall in line when instructed.

travel Boracay

travel Boracay

Normally, ferries do not have a/c. You’ll be fanned by the sea wind as soon as the motor starts. But Southwest does have convenient and air-conditioned set-up inside.

travel Boracay

4. After the 5 minute ferry ride, you’ll reach your most-awaited destination. But it doesn’t stop there. You need to look for your trike ride (normal rate ranges from 50-150php) to bring you to your preferred hotel. For Southwest guests, you simply gather at one area and wait for your booked hotel/hostel to be called for and get into the designated van. 🚐

travel Boracay

This is the first entry of my Boracay trip so watch out for more in the coming days. 😉

Care to share about your Boracay trip as well? 😀


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