Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast in Boracay

Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast was highly recommended by a blogger friend and since they just commenced recently, our minds were set. We booked through and had some hiccups in the entire process. Nevertheless, troubles scurried when we got settled in.

Second Wind BBB is conveniently located near Crown Regency Prince Resort, making it a walking distance from the shores of Station 2. Since we had our accommodating Southwest van, it saved us the trouble of getting lost in a trike ride.

Cebuanafied - Second Wind

Second Wind has two types of rooms to choose from depending on your preference and budget – bunks and private room. We took the latter and paid 1700php/day (off peak rate). This accommodation comes with free continental breakfast so it’s already a good deal. For more details about their bunks/dormitory type of room, you may click here.

Cebuanafied - Second Wind

Cebuanafied - Second WindAs natural light permeates the entire entrance area that doubles as a dining space, a welcoming feeling is felt. This is my favorite spot. Plus, this turf has the strongest wifi connection. Yes, free wifi is available. However, the connection gets unstable inside the room. This is the best zone to meet new acquaintances as well.

Cebuanafied - Second Wind

The room is clean and has just enough space for two. It has an a/c and a fan. After a sweltering day, sometimes you might want the a/c and fan altogether turned on. In addition to that, there’s a cable tv, cabinet, safety box, hair blower, and it has its own comfort room with a rainshower. Kudos for the rainshower. 😀

breakfast Second Wind

breakfast Second Wind

Everyday various type of continental meal is served from 6am-10am. It is always served with generous cups of coffee and a number of spreads to choose from. You may opt for an additional egg (egg lover here 🙂 ) for just 10php. I suggest to take your breakfast at around 8am as 10am gets crowded.

What pleases me aside from all these, Second Wind BBB has free lounge chairs in front of Boracay Pub Crawl in Station 2. Typically, these chairs’ rental fee is 100php. Plus, a discount is given if you decide to have a service at Palassa Spa. I bet there are other perks as well so to ask the receptionist won’t harm at all. 😉


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