Conventional Boracay Guide

There are tons of Boracay guides and itineraries out there that involve physical and mental activities (such as ATV rides, parasails, paddle boards, etc) so I being quite a lazy bum who’d love to just dally and simply take a breather when out of town, decided to come up with my own laid-back and carefree Boracay guide.

Apparently, I love to eat so my travels almost always involve pigging out. Haha! Who doesn’t like food anyway? πŸ˜‰ Below is my top ten chill things to do when in Boracay.

1.Unwind at Sur, Pat’s Creek, Boracay Uptown and/or at Spider House.

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Sur Boracay in Station 1 is such a happy place with happy hours that will priced local beers at 50php. Pat’s Creek (no decent pic captured) in Station 2 can give you this chill vibe, accompanied with cool acoustic bands.

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Boracay Uptown in Station 2 has a lot to offer – bands with various genre, firedancers, affordable drinks and alcoholic beverages, and food stalls and restaurants that can be spotted anywhere.

Spider House in Station 1 (photo taken from fellow blogger) is also a good spot to hang loose while doing the spectacular sunset countdown. πŸŒ…

2. Join Pub Crawl

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Pub Crawl is the number one party in Boracay, as they say. It is the best way to meet new friends while getting huge discounts on drinks at their partnered bars and clubs. 🍻

3. Stroll and lounge at Station 2 and D’Mall

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Boracay Island, specifically Station 2, is consists of commercial strips that ranges from restaurants, coffee shops, diners, pubs and bars, hotels, and spas.

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

D Mall is sort of an extension from Station 2 where you can simply lounge and maybe take pleasure in people watching. 😎

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

If you’d get sore feet from walking, you can always laze at the powdery sands of Boracay, as what it is famous for. You may grab a book with you or simply stare in amazement at the pool-like beach. πŸ™‚

4. Visit Angol Beach in Station 3

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island
Habagat or Monsoon Season

Angol Beach is less crowded, thus more peaceful to sit back and relax. To get here, grab a trike ride for only 10php.

4. Enjoy sunset at Dulcinea, Station 2

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Boracay will give you a dramatic sunset that can bring you to tears. It is so magnificent especially during summer time or Amihan season. Everyone wants to catch glimpse of this spectacular event, so while waiting, a cup of brewed and churros at Dulcinea makes the waiting more enjoyable.

5. Sunbathe at Puka Beach

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Puka Beach is a 30-minute trike ride away from White Beach or Station 2. It is not that populous, hence, ideal for sunbathing and simply lounging. 🌞🌴🌊🏊

6. Sunset watch and dine at Wahine Bar

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Wahine Bar is in Diwinid Beach, Station 1. This is another amazing spot to do sunset watching while relaxing with a local beer in hand for a buy one take one price. πŸ˜‰

7. Dip at Ilig-Iligan Beach

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Ilig-Iligan Beach or they also call this back beach because obviously, is in the opposite direction of White Beach, Station 2. This is close to Puka Beach so a trike ride will help you get here. Same as Station 2, the beach is like a massive pool, however, the sands do not have the same fine powdery feel. I noticed a number of pre-nup photoshoots ongoing during our visit so might be a good spot for that.πŸ“Ή

8. Have a calamansi muffin bite

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

This is a must-try and also perfect for pasalubong. πŸ‘ It only costs 60php each. Pair it with coffee with a fantastic beach front view, heavenly relaxation achieved. πŸ˜€

9. Munch at McDonald’s

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

This is just a quick hunger fix for those who are budget conscious travelers. However, the second storey gives a different serenity on night times.

10. Get some beach braids

Cebuanafied - Boracay Island

Braids will definitely give you ease especially when the searing heat of the sun is at its maximum. With a minimum of 50php, price ranges and can shoot up if you add colorful designs. These last long and can give you great selfie photos but they get itchy at times so it’s all up to you. πŸ˜‰

Would you like to add more to this list? πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Conventional Boracay Guide

  1. Great Post, Nice Photos! πŸ™‚ I Really miss Boracay.. Where everything was perfect πŸ™‚ what I love most was the nightlife in there. Plus the Water Sports, Land Activities, Foods, magical sunset πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen the sunrise yet, hopefully next year. I also look for a cozy and relaxing place to stay. I find The Orient Beach Boracay, it was peaceful that I really had a great time stay, it was also affordable with complete amenities like a 5Star Hotel but it was Newly Opened Hotel, everything was new. It was 5 mins ride to D’mall, and from the world famous white Beach, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. You can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast and oh, complimentary coffee was available at your room. Staffs are really accommodating and very friendly πŸ™‚ they are the one who help me in booking my activities and had a great deals. I really had a great stay! Cant wait for my next visit in Boracay πŸ™‚


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